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Making a choice between the best fly rods is not easy for a beginner.

Picking the wrong fly rod could spell disaster for your fly fishing experiences.

On the other hand, getting a quality fly fishing rod will make the task of learning the skills of the sport so much more enjoyable.

Many beginners opt for a combo at first, but if you have the money and motivation to really get into fly fishing, then there are plenty of great options.

Fly Fishing Combo

A fly fishing combo is a package that contains several pieces of fishing equipment, which may differ depending on what brand or store you buy from.

However, every fly fishing combo must contain the following four items:

  • Fly rod
  • Fly reel
  • Fly line
  • Fly line backing

It is impossible to go fly fishing without these four items – they are the basic essentials of any fly fishing combo.

Any number of other items such as a net, waders or a rod tube may be included in a combo. While these items are no doubt useful, they aren’t essential for fly fishing.

Although, novices account for the majority of fly fishing combo sales, more experienced anglers can find combos that cater to their needs too.

The lower cost and convenience of having everything from their fly fishing rods to their reels matching and already assembled would be a big plus for many.

A flying fish combo is the most cost-effective way to get into fly fishing.

However, many people still choose to buy their own equipment.

Once you’ve got to grips with fly fishing, you can look to get one of the best fly rods on the market to up your game.

Orvis Fly Rods

Orvis has been in the fly fishing industry for over 150 years, offering “a superior collection of quality fly rods at reasonable prices for the discerning angler.”

They have fly rods for all types of adventures, from saltwater to freshwater, small creeks to open waters. Their Helios 2 collection is a lightweight option worthy of the sterling reputation Orvis fly rods have earned.

G Loomis NRX Lite Presentation

Some fish take a little finesse to fool.

Luckily, the G Loomis NRX Lite is ready for such encounters. It is equipped with soft tapers and featherlight leaders, which are perfect for conditions like this.

Despite being so light, these fly rods offer extremely good accuracy and user control. The light cork construction and green and silver grips make this rod an absolute pleasure to use.

Scott Radian Fly Rod

Proclaiming to have harnessed the power of their new ReAct technology, Scott has created one of the best fly rods on the market.

“Fast meets feel” with the Scott Radian fly rod, allowing anglers to enjoy a fast action rod with high line speed.

But the real magic is how this model has the feel of a presentation rod. Promising customers that it will save their energy, the Radian has all the features to make fly fishing an absolute joy.

Fenwick AETOS

Fenwick has strived to create high quality, premium performance fly fishing rods for many years and the AETOS series is one of their best.

Similar to the Radian, this fly rod aims to combine fast recovery time with a lightweight feel.

The modern tapers, carbon flake accents, and ‘AAA’ grade cork handle are subtle inclusions to this incredible fast-action rod.

Sage ONE Fly Rod

When it comes to fly rod categories, ‘All-Around’ rods require precision casting.

Sage changed the game with their ONE Series, using their signature Konnetic Technology® to craft one of the best fly rods you can hope to find. Whether you’re experienced or new to fly fishing, you’ll struggle to find a better fast-action fly rod than this.

Orvis Clearwater

Orvis offer 20 different models in their best-selling Clearwater series.

This includes fly fishing rods that can be broken down to several pieces, making it easier to travel with.

These rods combine cutting-edge technology and great value for money.

Get the Best Fishing Experience Out of the Best Fly Rods

There are a few big benefits to buying a fly fishing combo package.

First and foremost, it will be more costly to buy all the individual pieces of equipment. By buying a combo package, you can save about 10-20% of the total cost of the individual pieces.

That being said, if you truly want to get the most out of your fly fishing rod, it is worth buying a good one.

The best fly rods offer a degree of flexibility and durability at their foundation, but also deliver vastly superior performance.

These subtle differences are obvious from the outset and any amount of time spent using the best fly fishing rods is sure to enhance your abilities and love of the sport.

Ultimately, getting a great fly rod will allow you to enjoy fly fishing much more, which makes it a worthy investment for any angler.

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