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For more than 60 years, Fenwick has been world-renowned for producing high-performance fishing rods. The introduction of the Fenwick AETOS series back in 2013 put Fenwick fishing rods have into the hands of a new generation of anglers.

The High-Performance Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods

It was back in the 1970s when Fenwick moved from producing fiberglass rods, which were standard in the fishing industry, to selling the first all-graphite fishing rods. Today, Fenwick’s high-performance AETOS fly rods are considered by many professional anglers to be some of the best fly fishing rods on the market.

These value-based rods range in length from six to fifteen feet long, and retail between $169 and $299. Fenwick fly rods are a fantastic choice for fishing enthusiasts, whether they are novices just starting out, or seasoned professionals who make their living with rod and reel.

Great Design and Superb Functionality of Fenwick AETOS

One of the trademark qualities that gets mentioned in just about any Fenwick Aetos fly rod review you will see is the powerful combination of Fenwick’s superb functionality and eye-catching design. While the strength of the AETOS fly rod series is in the attention Fenwick gives to the rod’s performance, it in no way lacks in design elements that make the rod both tactically useful and a thrill to use.

Handle and Feel of AETOS Fly Rods

First, the rods handle well. Each rod is custom-tooled to fit comfortably in your hand over long periods of time. AETOS rods are made to be well-balanced and light-weight without sacrificing power or functionality. You can be confident that your rod is sturdy enough to handle just about any situation.

You can also trust that you won’t lose any of the sensitivity needed to assess what’s going on underwater. You will be able to feel it when you’re in the mud, and you will know when a fish has taken the line, whether or not he swims away with the line. You will know if your line is stuck, and even better, AETOS fly rods are powerful enough to get unstuck without you losing your catch.

Beautiful Design Elements

Fenwick fishing rods are known for being durable and useful. The AETOS series is no different. The rods are utilitarian and strong, but they have just enough detail, color, and design to also be beautiful. There are 26 models in the AETOS series, and Fenwick’s recent changes to the design of the rods have made for some noticeable improvements in performance.

First, newer models tend to be lighter in weight than the older rods, providing you with greater flexibility and comfort. Next, to eliminate the problem many anglers experience of the guide popping out or coming loose, Fenwick updated the design on newer AETOS fly rods so that they are now deep-pressed, titanium frame guides with alignment dots along the Fenwick fly fishing rods.

The handles of the rod are made with Tac cork. Tac cork feels just a little sticky when it gets wet. This keeps the rod from slipping while you hold it. The design of the one-piece Fuji reel seat eliminates the likelihood of your reel coming off or the parts separating. Also, the split grip and skeleton designs of the reel seat conform to your hand for a near-perfect fit and greater control.

Finally, the blue and gray designs on the rod tube are actually made of a sturdy wrap that further strengthens the graphite rod, by as much as 25 percent.

Powerful, Accurate Casting

When it comes to casting your line, Fenwick fly rods are fast and accurate and made to fit your casting stroke. You can get exceptional precision at middle distances of anywhere from 30 feet to 60 feet without having to use a lot of force when casting your line. This is one of the many reasons the AETOS fly fishing rods are a good choice for anglers, regardless of skill level.

The rods themselves are powerful so you don’t always have to be, and they are made to ensure you can cast your line where you want to cast it, when you want to cast it. For optimal control, aim for faster casting at around 45 feet.

The Long-Term Benefit of Using the Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods

In addition to the beautiful, elegant design of the Fenwick AETOS fly rod and its and superior performance, Fenwick stands behind its products. The company extends a lifetime warranty for all 26 actions in the AETOS fly rod series.

Whether you are a looking for a new fly fishing rod to get you started, or you are in the market for a tool you can use for years to come, you can probably find a rod to suit your specific needs with one of the Fenwick AETOS fly fishing rods.

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