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The F3T is an exhibition of fly fishing cinema and a truly unique experience to be savored. Every year, people from all age groups meet in various cities and towns to view films from across the world and engage in exciting and interesting exchanges on fishing.

Now, our 12th global offering, the 2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour will be in theatres in over 175 cities in eight different nations.

And, this year, the films are on fire! The exciting fly fishing film tour will emphasize on stories, people, and fisheries that are an important part of the enormous world of fishing. The 2018 F3T will encompass a wide range of places from Michigan to Honduras and Wyoming to Greenland.

You will see fishing from the perspective of a child and a musician, and the tour will be a one-of-a-kind amalgamation of exciting and informative.

Additionally, F3T is committed to assisting local fly stores and conservation organizations that are such an important part of this sport’s environmental and informative initiatives. F3T tickets are available at discounted rates at over 150 fly stores across the nation. A portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting conservation efforts that ensure that fisheries remain intact, robust, and available to everyone.

The F3T raised more than $500,000 in events for providing aid to conservationist and fishing-related charitable organizations. Apart from raising funds, F3T is committed to creating awareness and help for organizations such as Stop Pebble Mine, Trout Unlimited, Wild Steelhead Coalition, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, etc.

100 Miles

100 miles by Fly Out Media starts with a witty narration that really reminds one of the lead in 2008 film Eastern Rises produced by Soul Media (which is an excellent fly fishing film). The narrative of the film opens with how the makers believe that this is one of the greatest adventure stories ever told, and a trip that changes what people believed was possible during the 20th century.

The narration pauses to state that they just remembered that this exciting, life-altering journey is just “fly fishing.” This kind of upfront and honest language is welcome as fly fishing is a sport that can’t take its negative aspects too seriously. The filmmakers state that while this trip is not a first on the river and neither is it an epic quest through the unexplored, it does feel that way after 100 miles of sailing on the river.

Here’s the trailer.

Beyond the Horizon

Besides active war zones, the Northern Triangle is considered as one of the most dangerous regions on earth. And, this is where Honduras is located along with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Beyond the Horizon takes you through Guanaja, Honduras, which is a secluded paradise grappling with the impact of poverty, hurricanes, political strife, corruption, and unavailability of healthcare.

The government of Honduras is blamed for the lack of protection it provides its citizens from cartels, gangs, and various other sources of violence.

This background alludes to the reason behind the protagonist, Rankin Jackson, heading out on a permit-based fishing expedition with a pistol tucked into his waistband. The documentary highlights Jackson’s difficulties while endeavoring to create a new life for his family despite engaging with Honduran cartels for a period. His journey also revolves around a hidden set of keys.

Here’s the trailer.

Dubai on the Fly

While fly fishing has its share of diverse and intriguing people, there aren’t many anglers with a confident screen presence. Telluride resident Frank Smethurst, who was featured in fly fishing films such as Eastern Rises and Running Down the Man, is an angler that does have a commanding on-screen presence.

Beattie Productions likens him to Anthony Bourdain for the fly fishing culture, and Smethurst does take center stage in Dubai on the Fly. The film explores hidden facets of Dubai which is a modern and huge Middle Eastern city with a dazzling skyline. We saw Dubai in Fast and Furious 7 which was amazing. Just don’t try to jump a sports car from one building to another – that is pretty ridiculous, but it was awesome to watch!

The African Tiger

The African tigerfish are some of the world’s fiercest and gnarliest predators. This species features on the bucket list of anglers seeking exotic fish in remote places. While tigerfish have been coveted by anglers for years, and it was rare till recently to find a tigerfish over 20 pounds. The planet is being overfished – just see what happened to the Atlantic Cod!

Captain Jack Production’s The African Tiger, displays the secluded and remote waters of Tanzania which were visited by less than 15 anglers before 2008. The water contained plenty of tigerfish weighing over 20 pounds – a success story for conservationists and fisheries management.

The film is undoubtedly full of Mission Impossible-type graphics and high fives, but also with some amazing tigerfish footage. The cinematography here is impressive. Even Discovery Channel would be impressed!

Here’s the trailer.

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