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Fly fishing is something that has a way of getting in a fisherman’s blood. The solitude, the peace, and tranquility of being near the water and casting a line is something that can hardly be described to those who can’t appreciate it.

Here, we’ll talk about fly fishing videos that a fisherman can learn from, as well as some of the best fishing movies. After all, none of us are born fishermen (or women) – we all have to learn and take inspiration from somewhere.

Best Sites for Fly Fishing Videos 

Here’s a roundup of some of the best fly fishing videos and websites on the Internet.


www.rodtrip.com: Rodtrip follows fishermen as they fly fish for big pike in Ireland, sea trout in Denmark, and various species of fish in the Lapland area of Denmark/Finland.

Along with these stunningly beautiful adventures, you’ll learn specific techniques for tying popular ties such as the popper, the peccary paraloop emerger, fish skull streamer, swimming nymph, pink apple shrimp tube, pike tube fly, and more. This site also has firsthand blogs that give more details on the exciting fishing excursions in the videos.

Watch Rodtrip’s sea trout expedition in Denmark, This is among their most popular fly fishing videos.

Fly Fishing Videos at Fly-Fishing.Net

http://flyfishingvideos.fly-fishing.net/: Travel to Alaska, New Zealand and many more compelling destinations in these videos, as well as fly tying videos. Many of the videos on this site are executed with an artistic touch that helps capture the reflective, contemplative nature of fly fishing. If you love watching fly fishing videos, browsing through this collection will not disappoint.

Here’s an example, with rare footage of fly fishing in a small stream as the danica are hatching.

Sage TV

http://www.sageflyfish.com/sage-tv: SageTV’s website isn’t just about their products, fishing, and the search for new spots where the fish are biting. It’s also there to inspire and motivate, with the spirit of curiosity and discovery that drives us to new places, new methods, new and innovative ways of thinking.

Along with fly fishing videos, you’ll find lots of interesting information on rods, reels, apparel, and accessories as well as a breakdown of the latest in rod technology, reel technology and more… All set amid spectacular scenery.

Here’s a helpful video on setting the hook “through it, not to it.”

Best Fishing Movies

Fly fishing movies aren’t exactly a genre of their own, but fishing has been a theme, a metaphor, and a plot device in plenty of films over the years. Let’s take a quick overview of some of the best fishing movies from over the years:

A River Runs Through It (1992)

Set in early 20th-century Montana, this beloved movie tells the story of two brothers with a passion for fly fishing for trout as their lives and stories unravel in the currents. Rebel brother Brad Pitt pursues a life that’s off the beaten track, and his outcast ways take him to a point where even his family can’t intervene and change him.

Here’s the trailer.

Alamo Bay (1985)

Set in the Gulf waters of a town in South Texas, Ed Harris plays an embittered Vietnam vet who comes up against Vietnamese refugees who are trying to make a living in the local fishing industry. Amy Madigan plays opposite Harris in this parable about fishing and the sacrifices of following one’s heart vs. pursuing the American dream.

Here’s the trailer.

Salmon Fishing in Yemen (2011)

It’s an odd context for a romantic comedy, but this obscure indie film has Ewan McGregor as a fisheries expert who’s caught in the middle of international intrigue as he attempts to bring salmon fishing to the Middle East. Obviously, it’s an uphill fight trying to establish such a project in a desert country. Oh, and there’s fishing too.

Here’s the trailer.

The Perfect Storm (2000)

Based on a true story, The Perfect Storm tells the tale of the ill-fated Andrea Gail as its commercial fishing crew goes to the far reaches of the Flemish Cap in search of swordfish. Things go from bad to worse as a monster storm kicks up 40-foot swells between the boat and port. Not surprisingly, things end badly for all involved.

Here’s the trailer.

Low & Clear (2013)

This remarkable documentary is also a character study of two old friends who reunite for a final fly-fishing trip. As they cast their lines, the story unfolds, and we find out why the two men became so distant over the years. Fishing tends to bring out the best, and the worst in people and this sensitive, thoughtful film says as much about the human condition as it does about fishing.

You’ll love the gorgeous cinematography and the breathtaking British Columbia scenery, and will find yourself wishing you were wearing hip waders and casting a line in the steelhead-rich waters.

Here’s the trailer.

Whether you want to find out more about the ins and outs of fly fishing, or just looking for some inspiration, we hope this anthology of movies and videos gives you some ideas.

Fishing is as good for the soul as it is for the mind and body, and it’s served as inspiration for some great art and literature over the years. What are some of your favorite fishing movies?

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