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Planning a fly fishing trip to Montana? Start with our top four go-to picks for guides, outfitting, capturing memories, and lodging for an experience you won’t forget.  It is difficult to overstate the natural beauty and topographical magnificence of America’s 41st state, Montana. Home to a wide breadth of flora and fauna, and to breathtaking scenery in every direction,

Montana is renowned for the adventure and outdoorsmanship it has offered residents and visitors for generations on end. As the 4th largest state in the union, Montana is expansive in the extreme and hugely diverse in terms of its sweeping landscapes and the types of terrain therein.

What’s more, all that space is largely devoid of human presence. Sitting at just over 1,000,000 residents, the state’s population density is around 7 people per square mile, ranking it 48th, by that measure, out of the country’s 50 states. Only Wyoming (49th) and Alaska (50th) are more sparsely populated.

Excellent fauna diversity combines with rolling hills, high mountains, and vast forestlands which cover about a one-quarter of the state to render Montana a uniquely attractive destination for outdoorsmen the world over.

1, Start Your Adventure with Montana Fly Fishing Guides

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Posted by Montana Fly Fishing Guides on Monday, July 10, 2017

The outfitter Montana Fly Fishing Guides is knee-deep in all “The Land of the Shining Mountains” has to offer and have proven themselves a first-rate fishermen’s resource since early in their day. MFG provides a host of services for its clients and exists to enrich the fly fishing experience while helping experts, novices, and everyone in between to achieve their goals.

Because no two fly-fishing excursions are exactly alike, MFG offers tailored guide packages with flexible options therein. These include Day Trips, Corporate Retreats, Spring Specials, and All-Inclusive Packages which cover the major components of your travel and lodging considerations. If your aim is to experience the joy of fly fishing in Montana without forfeiting your peace of mind, the MFG professionals are happy to take your call.

2. Capture Your Best Moments with Montana Wild

Bucknasty Browns – Film Clip

More from Bucknasty Browns. Full film is live on Tuesday at 10AM.

Posted by Montana Wild on Sunday, April 26, 2015

Moving imagery reigns supreme these days, as digital video capabilities have continued to improve with every passing year. Photography, too, is culturally ubiquitous and has become a fixture of the modern communication dynamic.

Everyone films and captures via cell phone camera their every significant (and not so significant) happening. Meals, exercise routines, shopping, driving excursions, announcements, concerts—videos and still frames of such things are all coursing across the internet and telephone networks.

Filming in the comfort of civilization is a rather different practice than filming in the outdoors. That distinction explains the existence of Montana Wild, a marketing/media enterprise that specializes in showcasing the marvelous outdoors via high-quality videography and photography.

Even a relatively tame hunting or fishing trip will surely see its share of hardship, rigorous effort, glorious sunrises, and panoramic landscape views. Which is to say, there is much to be filmed and saved for the sake of memory, or perhaps to artfully exhibit your own prowess with a rod and line.

Montana Wild is collectively home to decades of expert-level media practice and video/photography production. The team is savvy, experienced, and capable of producing quality content under even the most challenging of circumstances.

Services Include:

  • Video — MW’s videographers are highly skilled in their trade and will gracefully capture the footage you need. They have filmed under challenging environmental, weather, and terrain circumstances while never failing to produce the video content required of them.
  • Photography — Still frames have the power to merge what is seen with the imagination of the beholder. Allow one of MW’s elite team members to immortalize the most remarkable moments of your fly fishing experience via artistic photographers. Stories are invariably enriched by accompanying images.
  • Social — Once your video/photographs are complete, how should you go about incorporating them into your social media framework? If you have yet to consider that question, consult with MW for a better understanding as to where the materials might be best employed in that capacity.

3. Montana Fly Company Has What Everything for Your Fishing Needs

That paddle slap really satisfies. Nice steelie Jake Drees on Oregon’s north coast with guide Kate Taylor. #native #steelhead #publicland

Posted by Montana Fly Company on Friday, February 16, 2018

As the name would imply, fly fishing is heavily dependent upon having a good fly in your possession. That being the case, Montana Fly Company (MFC) exists to pair top-notch, cutting-edge flies with those heading out to the rivers in hopes of snagging a sizable fish. MFC’s product categories include:

1. Fly Options

This is important to get just right. Every species of fish responds best to a certain type of fly. Knowing which type is key to enjoying a successful day in waist-deep, flowing water.

2. Fly Tying Materials

Not to be overlooked, make certain your fly is tied with the best materials available. MFC keeps a sizable inventory of options on hand. Make sure to consult with a professional if you have any doubts as to what your setup needs.

3. Accessories

Though fly fishing can be done with a rod, a line, and good fly, it can be done more enjoyably with several accessories designed to take the hassle out of the process. These include various tools, boxes, and apparel items, all of which deserve at least a look before you head out.

4. Gallatin River Lodge Offers Comfort and East Outdoors Access

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Posted by Gallatin River Lodge on Saturday, March 28, 2015

Opened nearly 20 years past, in 1999, the Gallatin River Lodge is a premiere inn for those who hope to experience the wonders of Montana’s picturesque outdoors while enjoying comfortable accommodations.

The inn sits very near both downtown Bozeman and the famous Gallatin River. When you find yourself exploring fly fishing retreats, contact the Gallatin River Lodge staff. They’ll gladly assist you in the planning of your trip.

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