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Orvis Clearwater is a series of fly fishing rods from The Orvis Company, Inc. designed to beautifully assist you and landing your next catch, whether you find it in a mountain spring or a large river.

After more than a century of shaping the fly fishing industry, Orvis could be considered the elder statesman of fly fishing. The company not only produces some of the best fly fishing rods in the industry, but since its founding in 1856, The Orvis Company has grown to be recognized as the leading authority on the sport of fly fishing.

With offices in Vermont, Virginia, and the UK, Orvis offers as web-based fly fishing school, training courses, fly fishing trips, and scholarship programs. Orvis produces a varied line of tackle gear, apparel and home goods for outdoor adventurers. The company also has a prominent culture that promotes and supports the idea of getting back nature.

The Four Categories of Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod

As industry leaders and trendsetters, Orvis offers several different lines of fly rods. Orvis Clearwater rods range in size from seven feet to fourteen feet long and can accommodate line sizes from two to twelve, depending on the species you happen to be targeting.

The Clearwater line groups together fly fishing rods that perform similarly to help you choose equipment that can suit multiple purposes, so you don’t need a collection of expensive rods, but you can have one or two go-to rods that will meet your needs.

There are different types of Orvis fly rod outfits in the Clearwater line, most of which fall into one of four categories, based on their intended use:

Clearwater Freshwater Rods

The freshwater rods are designed for freshwater fishing. There are 10 rods in this category, ranging in size from 704-4 (rod length of 7’4” and line weight 4) to 100-5. Each freshwater rod is comprised of a four-piece Orvis Clearwater rod outfit, with a mid-flex rod index. The Freshwater Rods are $198 each.

Clearwater Big Game and Saltwater Rods

For versatility and a heavier catch, the big game and saltwater category is a smart choice. The group includes nine different types of rods, consisting of nine and ten-foot rods with lines weights from six up to the maximum. Fly rod outfits come in four-piece sets and are designed with a firm mid-flex for great distance casting, and maintaining control of your rod on windier days. The Clearwater Big Game and Saltwater rods are priced at $229.

Clearwater Switch and Spey Rods

The Switch and Spey Rods are designed for the two-handed casting of long rods with soft action. This group consists of ten rods that go from eleven feet to fourteen feet long, with line weight ranging from five to nine. These rods are best for river fishing where the target catch is trout or even a larger species such as salmon. At $349, the Switch and Spey rods are considerably more expensive than the Big Game rods, they are also made to consistently handle large fish from more fast-moving waters.

Frequent Flyer Rods

The Frequent Flyer Rods are portable Orvis Clearwater Outfits that break down into seven pieces for easy travel. The four fly fishing rods in this group can be disassembled to fit in your backpack or suitcase and are flexible enough to be used in different types of situations. Whatever it is you’re fishing, the Frequent Flyer Rod can be your go-to rod. Ranging in size from 806-5 to 900-8, these flexible, versatile rods are priced at $239.

Orvis Clearwater Quality and Value

One key thing you should know about the Orvis Clearwater rods is that they use the same kind of technology The Orvis Company uses to produce its popular Helios line but at a much lower price point. The Clearwater line starts at $200, compared to the $800 or $900 you would pay to get the Helios 2, 3D or 3F.

Helios fishing rods – known for their precision, speed, and power – were designed to drastically improve accuracy during casting. The Helios 3D allows you to be as precise casting your line in middle distance applications of 40 to 50 feet as you are with longer distances of 80 feet. The Helios 3F lets you cast long distances without losing the force of your cast or diminishing feel or line sensitivity. In the same way, the Clearwater rods are designed to help you cast lines and middle and long distances and maintain delicate action.

The Orvis Company has built a reputation for delivery high-quality products at a great value. The company stands behind its products. Each Orvis fly rod outfit is handmade and comes with a 25-year guarantee. That means should ever need to repair your Orvis Clearwater fly fishing rod, Orvis will replace or repair your fly fishing rod with no questions asked.

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