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Are you thinking about investing in some water waders? If you are, you’re probably looking into Pro, Sonics, as well as Redington wading boots.

Maybe you’re one of those people that can’t stand waders because you feel like you’re left standing in a bulky, hot, nylon bag. If you feel that way, you probably can’t wait to get out of your waders when the weather warms up.

What would you say if you heard that waders exist that feel more like pants than a heavy and bulky nylon sweat bag? Believe it or not, they do exist!

Your best bet may very well be Redington Sonic Pro Waders, and here’s why.

Redington Sonic Pro Wader Construction

You’ll see these ranging from around $250 to upwards of $350 for a pair of chest high Sonic Pros. The price tag may seem a little steep, but you get what you pay for.

In the Redington Sonic Pro Waders, you’ll get a breathable fabric stockingfoot waders with sound-welded seams. As a bonus, you’ll also have some pockets in the front.

According to reviews, the breathability of the material, which is nylon that has been layered a total of four times, does not cause the wearer to sweat. Your average fisher also will not freeze in them.

These water waders are lightweight which make them perfect to wear in many different conditions.

On the outside, the waders have a hydrophobic membrane for waterproof capabilities. On the inside, you’ll find a hydrophilic membrane that will keep you warm and dry.

Redington Sonic Pro Wader Fit

Customers seem to all agree that these waders fit well and are true to size according to Redington’s size chart. They are comfortable and easy to put on.

While the zipper going down the front might make you think that you’re going to get soaking wet, the truth of the matter is that the zipper actually keeps the water out as promised.

With the way they are designed, Sonic Pro waders are often compared to fitting like pants. That’s a definite bonus for the wader-avoider crowd.

Redington Sonic Pro Bells and Whistles

Holy pockets, Batman!

You will have pockets for days on these water waders. Not only do you have the standard pocket that most waders have as a standard pocket, but Sonic Pros have five chest pockets. Five.

You can fit lots of gear in these deceivingly large pockets – a couple fly boxes, spools, sink tips, gloves, and whatever else you’ll need for your fishing excursion.

Redington also added in a few extras like d-rings, a holder for your license, gravel guards, and handwarmer pockets, just to name a few.

Redington Sonic Pro or Redington HDZ Waders

The Redington HDZ Waders are a step up from the Redington Sonic Pro waders and ring up at a price tag of around $500. There are some similarities, but the differences are what make this particular set of waders shine.

Like the Redington Sonic Pro Waders, the HDZ waders are breathable. When compared to Simms waders, the Redington waders are said to breath better, too. The HDZ waders are also more durable than the Sonic Pro waders.

If you were to take the leap and purchase a set of Redington HDZ waders, then you’re definitely looking at an investment that you won’t have to replace for at least a good 5 to 10 years. Sounds pretty good, right?

Bonus – there is a new pocket on the HDZ waders that is not on the Sonic Pro waders. It’s a pocket for your cell phone.

Redington Warranty Services

Yes, your Redington waders come with a warranty. Right up front, they start off with saying, “Should any damage occur to your Redington rod, reel, wader, wading boot, or apparel item, we will promptly repair or replace according to Redington’s warranty policies.”

That kind of warranty sounds great on paper, but what exactly is included should anything happen to your Redington Sonic Pro waders?

Within the first year, your wader and wading boots will be covered by a warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. That seems fairly standard, but if anything does need to be replaced, Redington will get it done. Plus, if you happen to need a replacement for an item that has been discontinued, you may be able to get a newer model as necessary.

Deciding to Go Forth and Buy Waders

Once Redington Sonic Pro Waders or Sonic HDZ Waders become part of your fishing gear, you won’t turn back.

Fishing in waders is comfortable, thanks to Redington, and you’ll likely find a new use for every pocket available to you, too!

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