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All anglers will agree that a rod and reel are key components in building your tackle kit, but have you ever given much thought to fly lines?

Never underestimate the value of choosing or using the right fly line because having the best one will influence a fish’s choice to bite the end of your line.

This is where RIO Perception lines drop in.

Features of the RIO Perception Fly Line

RIO fly lines are built on RIO’s ConnectCore technology. ConnectCore allows for a low stretch core down the fly line which is different from the standard stretchy core.

This increase in sensitivity and reduction to the stretch performance in the core is the foundation for a line that will cast easier, with a bonus of an increase in direct hook-ups.

RIO lines also incorporate what is called AgentX Technology, which bonds two coating layers into a single line. By combining a more buoyant inner layer with a tougher, slicker outer layer, your RIO fly lines will give you much better performance than traditional single-layer fly lines.

One of the more significant reasons for the improved performance in RIO lines is because they use MaxCast line coating, which is a proprietary hydrophobic line coating that makes lines float higher, last longer, shoot farther, and stay cleaner.

Now, you’re probably thinking, what about the way lines work like sink tips?

That is not an issue with RIO fly lines because RIO has developed MaxFloat Tips that will make the end of your line float twice as high as your typical line tips.

That means drag reduction, longer presentation, and maximum flotation for your RIO fly line.

Getting to Know RIO Perception Lines

The first time you use a RIO fly line, chances are that it will feel heavier than what you are used to casting. It might even make you feel a bit like a novice fisherman, but don’t give up just yet!

Take the time to get comfortable with the RIO Perception fly line and you’ll come to love it.

The cast is much more direct compared to something like a 4# line that you may be used to casting. This means you’ll have to learn to account for the extra weight that you might not be accustomed to compensating for.

Once you get the feel for your new RIO fly lines, you’ll see that the line will perform much better than the lines you’ve used in the past.

MaxCast allows your fly line to slip from the surface of the water with less disturbance, which means quieter pickups for you.

The RIO Perception Color Distance System

RIO has developed a tri-color system to improve casting accuracy that is relatively easy to use and includes light green, dark green, and a tan or brown on the running line.

The light green at the front taper makes up the first 20’ of the head. The back side of the head is a dark green and is 16’ in length to the end of the back taper.

The main running line is 54’ and is tan or light brown in color. Combined, you have a total length of 90’ of line available to you.

These visual gauges on this surefire system encourage highly accurate casting because you know exactly how much line you have going by you as you cast.

Other Bonuses You Will Love

The front loop and back loop are designed for quick rigging, making it easier for you to get down to business.

You’ll also find an easy ID loop that will show you the size and type of shooting head you’re using.

Because of the bells and whistles that are a part of RIO Perception lines, this particular fly line is great for new fly fishers as well as those that are more experienced.

Why RIO Perception Fly Lines?

If you are experienced, you will undoubtedly appreciate how easy it is to use RIO fly lines. While it may be different from the lines you’ve used before, you will be able to mend the line easily regardless of your level of expertise.

When you go out looking for what type of fly line you want to use, it is common for fishers to feel inundated with an abundance of choices.

Between taper designs, colors, weights, and lengths, be sure to think about the purpose of your line.

When you know the fishing style you intend to follow, it will help you decide on whether or not a line like the RIO fly line is the one for you.

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