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The Sage One Fly Rod is a grown-breaking innovation that redefined the all-purpose freshwater and saltwater fly fishing rod. Sage One is the first fly fishing rod to be produced using Sage’s proprietary Konnetic Technology and effectively raised the bar on fly rod precision and accuracy. In creating this flagship product, Sage has built a unique tool for fly fishing enthusiasts that can easily be described as a game-changer. Sage One is one the best fly fishing rods in the industry.

How Konnetic Technology Made the Sage One Fly Rod a Game-Changer

Sage is a company that is, in fact, looking to reinvent the wheel. As a matter of principle, the company’s Research and Development department aims to find new discoveries that will raise the standards in fly rod design. With the Sage One series, the company was able to do this by reverse-engineering what was working to not just improve on it, but to rework it altogether. The result was Konnetic Technology.

Konnetic Technology is a process that correlates the caster’s movements when casting the line to the way in which energy is translated from the caster to the rod. Sage’s R&D department discovered a way to increase the accuracy of the Sage One fly rod by tightly bundling interior fibers together more closely within a smaller diameter rod to increase torsional stability and reduce wobbling. The result is Sage One, an aerodynamic fly rod that lets you to cast your line exactly where you want it to go.

Sage also relied on Konnetic Technology to produce the Sage X line, the next generation of fly fishing rods. Sage X displayed greater precision and accuracy – even at shorter distances – than the Sage One.

With Sage One, Lighter Proves to Be Exponentially Better

Sage One is a lightweight rod, nearly 20 percent lighter in weight than any previous Sage fly rods. The line speed is one of the fastest in the industry, consistently outperforming other fly fishing rods of comparable line weights. The rod itself is strong, flexible and stable. With it, you can match your line to your intended target with every cast.

The Sage One fly rod is a fast-action, thin, straight rod that aligns your aimpoint, the rod, and your arm so they work as one.  The goal is to ensure you hit your intended target every single time.

Sage One fly rods are built by hand, one-by-one, in the company’s Bainbridge Island facility in the state of Washington. Construction requires the use of high-quality graphite, resins, aerospace-grade aluminum, walnut wood, and high-grade American-made carbon disks, the Sage One fly rod is great for fishing in the river. The rod performs best when casted at middle distances of 45 to 70 feet. At that distance, you get the benefit of fast line speed, pinpoint accuracy, and soft action when your line lands in the water.

At shorter distances, the Sage One can have a hard landing and you have to work a bit harder to cast your line accurately. But again, that’s an issue that was eliminated altogether with the Sage X. To cast your line over a distance greater than 70 feet, the Sage Method may be a better choice. The Sage Method was made for distance.

The Sage One fly fishing rod is stable and handles well. Sage’s trademark snub-nose half-wells grip makes the rod easy to grip and comfortable to use over longer period of time, even for anglers with larger hands.  The guides (and snake guides) are made of Fuji hard chrome. The blank is the traditional Sage black.

Sage’s thin blank diameter and small, low-profile ferrules give you better energy economy. This way, you expend less energy each time you cast your line. Not only that, but the rod is designed to make sure the energy you do use gets transferred from your hand through the blank to the line for greater power, control, and precision.

The reverse is also true. The rod is sensitive enough to allow you “feel through” the cast and give you the opportunity to make adjustments. Of course, that level of sensitivity will also give you an idea of what may be going on beneath the surface of the water, so you can adjust there as well.

All-American Warranty for All-American Quality

The International Fly Tackle Dealer Show recognized Sage One as the Best Fly Rod, Saltwater and the Best Fly Rod, Freshwater in 2011. While Sage takes great pride in the quality of its materials, it also takes great pride in the finished product. The company offers customers a one-owner lifetime warranty on the replacement and repair of the Sage One series fly rods, blanks, and reels. Sage One fly fishing rods retail between $800 and $900.

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