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Whether you’re fishing on your vacationer you’re an avid fisherman that hits the water every weekend, saltwater fly fishing is a fun sport. To get the most enjoyment out of it, you need the right saltwater fly reels for your fishing adventures.

When it comes to looking for the best fly reels, you need to consider what you’re fishing for and where you’re fishing. Saltwater gear is a bit different from freshwater gear. You need to consider the water, the depth, and the fish you might catch.

Shopping for the best fly fishing reels can seem daunting if you’re new to the game of saltwater fishing. Here are some of the things you’ll want to look at and consider before you buy.

Consider Saltwater Fly Reel Materials

Different fishing reels are made out of different materials. Something made for freshwater fishing won’t be right for saltwater fishing. Why? Because saltwater makes things rust and corrode.

You need a reel that is made from special metals that won’t corrode like the simple ones used for freshwater reels. Your saltwater fly reel will either be made to avoid corrosion or it will be coated with a material that will keep it from the effects of corrosion.

Many of the smaller parts of the reel are within sealed components. This keeps the saltwater from damaging them. Some of these components include bearings and the drag system, parts that are needed to keep your reel working properly.

Pay Attention to Quality

Take some time to look into the brands of fly reels you’re considering. While cost is often an important tool in buying the best quality, you can often get a good saltwater fly reel at a lower price if you shop by trusted brand. Where you shop can also determine how much you’ll spend (specialty shop versus a mass retailer).

What brands have you used for other types of fishing reels? Sometimes it can be a safe bet to stick with the brands you’re used to using if they cross over into the saltwater fly fishing realm.  If not, look for recommendations from pros, charters, and even online. Talk to the people at the shop you’re planning to buy at.

Hatch fly reels are a brand that offers some of the world’s most famous fly reels. As a well-known name in the fishing world, you know you’re getting quality when you choose this brand. Another brand worth the money are Sage fly reels.

Factor in the Cost

Cost and quality are not the same things. They aren’t even always synonymous with one another. Sometimes you can find high-quality fishing gear without breaking the bank.

The better the quality of a saltwater fly reel, the longer it will last. When you’re dealing with something that has the potential to corrode quickly due to the elements you’re going to be working with it in, you want something that is going to last.

Consider how much money you have to spend, and how much it will cost for everything you need to go with your saltwater fly reels as well. You need a fly fishing pole, line, and bait. Big fish in saltwater fishing require big bait and a sturdy fishing line. They also require a sturdier pole than what you might use fishing in a small river for salmon.

Best Saltwater Reels by Type

The type of saltwater reel you invest in also matters. For saltwater fly reels you’re mainly going to be looking at which reel is better for where you’re fishing. Offshore will require something different than if you’re fishing from a boat.

When you’re spending time casting your flies from the shore, baitcasting reels and spinning reels are going to be your best choice. These are also commonly used for freshwater fishing, so make sure you’re getting ones made from non-corrosive materials.

You can use these same reels offshore, if they are heavy duty. You’ll be catching bigger fish and will want something that can stand up to that poundage. If you’re on a boat you may also have the option of utilizing trolling reels.

When it comes to saltwater fly fishing reels there really are a lot of choices. It can be confusing at first. The main key factors you always want to consider are sturdiness of the product and whether or not it’s made to withstand the effects of saltwater. These are also the main two differences between freshwater and saltwater fly fishing reels.

You want to enjoy your time fishing. Take the stress out of having the right gear by following these tips.

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