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For the small community in Venice, Louisiana, fishing is more than just a pastime – it’s a thriving industry on which many of the area’s residents make their living.

Nestled on the western bank of the Mississippi River, Venice has earned the nickname “the end of the world” because of its location on the southern end of the delta.

However, a quirky name is not all there is here as Venice has forged an excellent reputation for fishing, drawing avid anglers from all over the world.

It’s true that Venice is a small little town, but there really is something in the water.

Visitors only need to travel an hour south of New Orleans and they will find some of the best fishing on the planet, enjoying an experience like no other in Venice, LA.

Venice, Louisiana is Reeling Back from Destruction 

When Hurricane Katrina stormed through the Mississippi region in 2005, what became famous for its incredible fishing in Venice, Louisiana almost got consigned to the history books.

Many boats were damaged beyond repair and huge fleets of shrimp and oyster were destroyed in one of the worst storms to ever hit America.

Despite the devastation to the fishing industry and surrounding communities, the little town of a few hundred people managed to reel the good times back again.

Over a decade had passed since and the fishing scene in Venice, Louisiana is as popular as ever.

What Is Fly Fishing?

In Venice, Louisiana, fly fishing is possibly the best way to truly experience the Louisiana Bayou. While there are plenty of options of using different types of bait, the common practice is to use artificial flies.

As a lot of the popular species of fish tend to swim close to the surface or in shallow waters in Venice, Louisiana, fly fishing has proven to be a very successful method for catching them.

There is an abundance of competing fishing companies offering charter boat adventures around the Gulf. Many compete on the prices and features of their trips, but by and large, they all offer similar packages.

When you go to Venice, Louisiana, fly-fishing will be a memorable experience. What you catch though depends on the area of the Gulf your trip takes you to.

Types of Fish in Venice, Louisiana

When it comes to a true off-shore fishing adventure, bigger is always better.

It’s for that reason that Venice, LA has developed such a fantastic reputation. Its location is the perfect gateway into the Gulf of Mexico, which is home to some large fish.

These varieties are among the most popular sport fish that are targeted by those fishing in Louisiana.

1. Red Snapper

Combining remarkable red scales and a delicious taste, the Red Snapper is a popular fish that can be caught quite easily around oil rigs and sunken debris. The large numbers of this fish around the coast make it a common catch on any fishing trip in Venice, LA.

2. Wahoo

In Venice, Louisiana, fishing trips are much better when you have a great story to tell at the end of the day. An encounter with a Wahoo can give you what you want. Lone rangers, they tend to hang close to oil rigs and always put up a fight. Fast and furious, a Wahoo will not be captured with ease. If you do manage it, the reward of sumptuous flaky, white meat on the grill is well worth the effort.

3. Billfish

There are a few different species of billfish on the coast of Venice, Louisiana. Species such as Blue marlin, sailfish and swordfish are very strong, with many clocking in north of 1000 pounds on the scale. But that’s if you can get them out of the water first!

4. Mahi-mahi

If you’re in Venice, Louisiana, fishing for the first time, Mahi-mahi could be your best friend. They travel in huge packs and take a liking to almost any type of bait. Although they are fast and put up a fight, Mahi-mahi fishing is usually a good day out for both first-timers and experienced anglers.

5. Tuna

Tuna fishing in Venice, LA is an incredible experience. Yellow fin tunas are the popular catch here and Venice, Louisiana is unique in that tuna fishing is possible year-round. These fast and powerful fishes travel close to the surface, with large schools found close to the oil rigs.

Experience the Great Outdoors: Fishing in Venice, Louisiana

Whether it’s your first time holding a rod in your hands or your third visit in a year to Venice, Louisiana, fly-fishing in the active waters of the Gulf of Mexico will be a great trip.

In Venice, Louisiana, fishing expeditions offer something for everyone, from total beginners to trophy-seeking professionals. The excitement of landing a big fish is unparalleled and make the journey to this little delta town worth it.

Once you’ve caught your first, you may be hooked!

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