Ever walked into the fishing aisle at your local outdoors shop and found yourself overwhelmed by the reels that were available to you? Which one do you buy? What’s the best bet? Which brand is better?

With so many options to choose from it can be hard to find the right reel for you. Picking well-known brands like the Abel Super Series can make deciding easier. It will also help you know you’re getting a good product for your money.

There are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to buying a fishing reel. Not only do you need to pick one that’s right for the type of fishing you’re doing, and the type of fish you want to catch, but you also want one that works.  A quality reel with lasting power is a good investment too.

Picking the right brand can help. There are lots of inferior brands available, with products that fall apart after one use. Abel Super Series reels are a wise choice.

About The Abel Brand

The Abel Super Series reel isn’t the only thing Abel makes. The company started in 1980, as an aerospace machine shop. In 1988 the brand was created, and they started being known as a maker of fly fishing gear. They also make fly fishing tools.

It was in 1995 that the Abel Super Series was first released. This rock star brand even partnered with Rhino Entertainment (a music company) in 1993 to bring out the Grateful Dead Limited Edition Reel.

They’re an award-winning company with American-made products.

About The Super Series

Since 1999, according to Abel’s website, the superseries has been in production. It’s a reel that can be found in the right size for any fish you’d want to catch.

One of the things that make the Abel Super Series a reel that fisherman like is its cork drag system with its strong aluminum frame. It has a large arbor spool which allows for a faster line retrieval speed (something found on every version of this reel). This is one of the things that has been with the brand from the beginning.

When the superseries needs a change, Abel makes it. In 2017 they did a redesign of the original Super Series reel to make a line that is lightweight, with some other special features. They aren’t afraid to improve when it’s needed.

Abel makes their reel frames with aerospace grade aluminum. That has to make for a sturdy, long-lasting reel. The drag system is patented to be “smooth as silk.” That’s just to name a couple of the things that make this a reel for the serious fisherman.

The Seven Super Series Reels

Abel Super Series comes in seven different “versions”. Each of them offers a little something different for the angler. The differences between the Super 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, and 12W lie in price, weight, spool diameter, spool width, hub diameter, and line + yards of backing. They all have the same large arbor spool.

Those differences are what you’ll look at for the differences in the fish you want to catch. The smaller numbers are best for things like trout, the larger number ready to land large catches. The larger numbers will also be better for deeper fishing, like saltwater angling.

What’s Special About the Super Series

If you want a reel that suits all your need, the Abel Super line has it. The thing that makes this reel and this company special is that you can build your own reel. You get to create something special for you. Your building options include:

  • Left or right retrieve
  • Ported or solid style
  • Finish color (with solid color options and even some fish scale choices)
  • Handle color (from wood finish to solid colors)
  • And your preferred size (4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, or 12W)

The finish colors, or custom finishes, come with a solid satin finish or handcrafted finishes. The price of these finishes depends on how much time goes into them. Some of them take up to 14 hours to paint by hand.

The various handcrafted options include the fish scale choices, like Classic Brown Trout, Native Rainbow Trout, and Tarpon. Each of them looks natural. There are also some fun designs, like a skull and crossbones, as well as a tribal grizzly, salmon or raven.

If you’re looking for an American made real that you can customize to some of your own specs, the Super Series gives you that ability. Style and quality that will help you catch fish. You can save money by purchasing one of their pre-made reels too.

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