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When it comes to fishing paradise, Punta Gorda in southwest Florida is often touted as one of the best fishing locations in the world.

The immense expanse of protected fishing waters stretches far into the Gulf of Mexico, drawing thousands of anglers from around the globe each year.

Coming from far and wide, they embark on Punta Gorda fishing charters to seek out redfish, jacks and barracuda among others.

While fly fishing in Florida is a seasonal game, there are many species available all year round in the ubiquitous Charlotte harbor fishing spots.

Arguably, the most sought after fish is the tarpon, also known as the ‘Silver King’. For a few months each year, this large and powerful fish populates the Boca Grande Pass – the entrance to Charlotte Harbor.

This fish is so popular that the area hosts annual tournaments with large cash prizes, which tempt many fishers out into the waters in the quest to catch the biggest Tarpon.

In Florida, fly fishing fans are spoilt for choice when planning their Punta Gorda fishing experience.

The Best Punta Gorda Fishing Charters for Your Next Trip

1. King Fisher Fleet

This family-run business has been part of the furniture in the Punta Gorda fishing scene for the past three decades. This mainstay of the Florida fly fishing industry can take you to all the best Charlotte Harbor fishing spots.

Their success is widely-acknowledged in Florida, with an incredible list of honors to their name getting longer every year.

Whether you want to go fly fishing in Florida or simply enjoy a sight-seeing cruise, King Fisher Fleet can put a smile on your face. From eco tours to sunset cruises, tourists will be thrilled by dolphins and other aquatic life.

Serious fishermen can enjoy their deep sea fishing tour while exploring the Gulf of Mexico. In the end, there’ll be no doubt that King Fisher is one of the best Punta Gorda fishing charters in Florida.

2.  Reel Fishing

For one of the most fun experiences in fly fishing Florida can offer, check out Reel Fishing.

Run by Captain Danny, this company caters to everyone, regardless of experience. Danny’s motto is to deliver an action-packed trip that is full of fun.

The Reel Fishing company offer a number of different packages, including opportunities for shark fishing, a family fun charter and, of course, the popular tarpon fishing in Boca Grande.

3. Beyond Borders Outfitters

Another one of the most popular Punta Gorda fishing charters is Beyond Border Outfitters. As the much-coveted Tarpon is the target of many who come to do fly fishing in Florida, this company strives to give their guests the best opportunity to catch one.

This attitude has earned them a reputation as one of the best charters for first-timers to go with to catch a mighty tarpon. They also offer assistance in finding accommodation in the area as well as hosting large groups.

4. Black Water Charters

Punta Gorda fishing charters aren’t always cheap and so many people may be concerned it could be a waste of money going out onto the water. If that’s you, then you should consider Black Water Charters.

Captain Scott Hughes is a Florida native who runs his company website with the motto, “No Fish, No Pay! Including tarpon fishing!”

With several pick-up points in the popular Charlotte harbor fishing spots, Black Water Charters are a great option for seasoned anglers and beginners alike.

5. High Tide Charters

Capt. Justin Snauffer is the man at the helm of High Tide Charters. He aims to make the experience on the waters of Southwest Florida thoroughly enjoyable for everyone on who comes on his tours.

Even kids can take part and Captain Snauffer is more than happy to show them how it’s done, ensuring they have a memorable experience fly fishing in Florida.

6. Punta Gorda Fly Charters

If you want to enjoy your Florida fly fishing experience without the crowds, try Punta Gorda Fly Charters.

Captain Michael Manis believes that it’s best to have just one or two anglers at a time on his boat. This gives him more time with each person, which guarantees great value for money for anybody who goes out on the water with him.

Claiming the famous mangroves and grass flats of Florida’s wetlands are his office, Michael is an advocate for catch-and-release fishing and takes pride in eco friendly practices.

So, Why Punta Gorda Fishing Charters?

The southwest of Florida offers some of the best fly fishing in the world, there’s no doubt about it.

Anybody who wants to get the most out of their experience fly fishing in Florida should choose one of these great Punta Gorda fishing charters.

They offer the opportunity to visit the best Charlotte Harbor fishing spots and catch the biggest fish. It doesn’t get better than this!

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