A good fisherman knows that brand names are important. They know that picking the right product is important.

If you’ve ever tried a reel that was faulty it’s likely you switched brands altogether. You probably also told other people not to buy that brand.

It was a faulty reel that “hatched” HATCH Outdoors, the company that makes HATCH Finatic Reels. The owner had purchased an expensive reel only to have it fall apart when he used it. So, he set out to build a better reel.

It’s nice knowing that a business started in order to make a better product. But what is it about the HATCH Finatic Reel that makes it so special?

Construction Of HATCH Finatic Reels

A fishing reel that is going to stay together and keep working cast after cast needs to be well constructed. That was what the owners of HATCH set out to do. They created a couple reels in the beginning that would hold up when you used them, and not fall apart.

The Hatch Finatic reel is the real deal. When you purchase any of these reels, no matter which version it is, you can expect a fishing reel that will stand up to the test.

HATCH inspects all of their reels for defects. They have warranties set in place and also do repairs on their products if something does go wrong. You can feel like you invested in a product that is invested in you.

Constructed with quality materials, whether you’re fishing in freshwater or saltwater, you know you have a reel that will perform well. It’s a name that backs up their products.

Freshwater HATCH Finatic Reels

You need the right reel for freshwater fishing. There are differences between what you’ll use here and what you’ll use in saltwater. For now, focusing on freshwater fly fishing, you don’t need a heavy-duty rod for the types of fish you’ll catch on a small pond or in a river.

There are five options to choose from in freshwater fishing reels when it comes to the HATCH Finatic Generation II. You have the plus 2, plus 3, plus 4, plus 5, and plus 7. Which one works for you will depend on what you’re fishing for and how much money you want to spend.

  • Plus 2– This is the trout reel of your dreams, according to HATCH Outdoors. It’s a reel made for small water fishing. It’s small. It uses 2 to 4 line weights. And it’s the lowest price of the reels in this category.
  • Plus 3– For just a little more money you can upgrade to 3 to 5 line weights with the Plus 3. This is also a trout reel.
  • Plus 4– Like the last two, the Plus 4 is a trout reel. It’s an upgrade again from the others, for a little bigger price tag.
  • Plus 5– Considered their “Do It All Reel,” this pricier option is great for trout and bonefish.
  • Plus 7– If you want something high-end that can take on fish with a little more spunk, the Plus 7 is your reel. It’s ideal for catching muskie, salmon, bass, and steelhead. This reel can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Saltwater HATCH Finatic Reels

Saltwater reels need a little something more than freshwater ones. Saltwater is hard on metal and will corrode the materials used to make freshwater gear. HATCH Finatic Reels for saltwater fishing are made to withstand that corrosion.

There are four options for saltwater fishing reels in the HATCH Finatic Generation II line. The first is the Plus 7 you read about above. There are also the Plus 9, Plus 11, and the Plus 12. Here are some details on the other three.

  • Plus 9– For big water fishing, this reel allows for the use of 9 to 11 line weights. It’s ideal for tarpon, billfish, and striper.
  • Plus 11- This reel is just another step up from the Plus 9. You can use heavier line weights.
  • Plus 12– At just under $1000, you can catch some hefty fish with this high-capacity reel. Not only will it stand up to the fish already mentioned, but it’s also a great reel for tuna fishing.

There are plenty of brands out there for fly fishing reels. Consider HATCH Finatic as an optimal choice when you’re shopping for reels that are made to catch fish and made to last.

While cost doesn’t always equal quality, the HATCH Finatic reel line isn’t cheap and it’s not cheaply made. You are paying for craftsmanship that is backed by the brand.

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