If you’re passionate about something, you’ll want the best.

If you take fishing seriously, you’ll take fishing gear seriously. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

Therefore, the better your fishing gear, the better your fishing experience.

Let’s take a look at some top of the range fishing equipment.

Introducing the Orvis Hyrdos SL

The Orvis Hydros SL is the latest fly reel on the market from Orvis. Sam Orvis explains the difference in this new product.

He says that this is a complete reinvention of the older models of Hydros, and believes that the only thing they now have in common is the name.

There are seals on the Orvis Hydros SL that the older models didn’t have. This strengthens the reel and gives it more stability.

Additionally, there is a thicker edge on the spool which means it is stronger than the original Hydros.

However, you can’t just take his word for it. Let’s see what Chad Shmukler of Hatch Magazine had to say about this new and improved version.

Chad raves about the drag on the spool, due to the thicker edge. He says this means that the retrieve on the line is a lot faster, which does help when trying to reel in a large catch.

He says that the construction of the Hydros SL itself is high quality. It is made out of aluminum which means that it’s light but still sturdy. The frame and spool have a fixed tolerance which makes it a smooth fishing rod to handle.

What to Expect with Orvis Hydros Reels

Orvis Hydros reels are a permanent fixture of the fishing industry. Fishwest explains the benefits of using an Orvis Hydros reel – especially if you take your fishing seriously.

They explain that the retrieval rate on an Orvis Hydros reel is increased as much as 12% against other reels.

The latest in SL reels also include a seal on the bearing and drag mechanism, protecting it from damage and exposure.

You will experience nearly three times the drag, which is helpful when catching larger fish. The spool is designed to be narrow, to avoid your line stacking up and getting caught. The later models have an improved tolerance that allows for a smoother operation overall.

Trouts Fly Fishing believes that you’re getting an excellent deal when you compare the price of Orvis Hydros reels and their quality.

The design of Orvis Hydros reels is just as important as its function – and it positively reflects that. Looking at it from a construction perspective, Trouts notice how robust it feels to hold and operate.

This is something you want to look for in a reliable fishing reel that’s going to last the distance.

What You’ll Get out of Orvis Fly Reels

Kirk Deeter of Field and Stream discusses the benefits of Orvis Hydros reels. He outlines five reasons why:

  • Price: Kirk agrees with Trouts Fly Fishing that the price is reasonable considering the quality you receive in return. You can purchase the first of the reel series for under $200.
  • Durability: based on his experience with the Orvis Hydros reel, he is of the opinion that it has a high durability rating. This is due partly to the clutch bearing now being fully sealed and protected. He also points credit to an increased thickness of the spool edging.
  • Casting your Line: one way to test quality is to determine how quickly the line comes away from the rod and finds the drag it needs to be cast. Kirk discovers that the Orvis Hydros reel has just the right amount of drag.
  • The Retrieve: when winding up your line again into the reel, it is faster than some reels of similar sizes. Because the spool is nice and thin, you don’t risk the line collecting to one side and producing an uneven gathering when all is said and done.
  • The Model: what it looks like can be just as important as how well it functions. The Hydros Orvis reel comes in a gender-neutral color with a light frame and simple looking design.

The Latest on the Orvis Access Reel

Orvis Hydros fly reels are an excellent choice when it comes to building up a good collection of enviable fishing gear.

With rave reviews all over the internet supporting the new and improved models, it’s hard to think of a reason not to invest in one.

The price is extremely competitive given the quality with which it has been made. Orvis Hydros reels have an ideal combination of flair and function, without appearing too showy.

If it’s time you started taking your fishing seriously, it’s also a great time to get some quality fishing equipment.

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